The access to clean water

Alarming but true: 319 Million people in Africa have no access to clean water. In Tanzania alone, half of the population only have access to contaminated sources – a condition which is unimaginable for most of the world. The consequences are devastating for children in particular: Each day 1000 children die from waterborne diseases.

The water scarcity does not only affect the health, but also education and poverty. Children often miss school due to illness. Thus, it is difficult for families to escape the cycle of poverty. Access to clean water can solve all these issues at once. It is a starting point of change. The BlueFuture Project fights the watercrisis through creating sustainable access to clean water and opportunities for locals.

Did you know?

Each year more than 100 Billion USD are donated to Africa. Nevertheless, the number of people living in poverty has increased. Many experts blame development aid and its current strategies, as it often provides only short-term solutions, which results in higher dependency of beneficiaries.

Good to know!

African Experts demand traditional development aid to be discontinued. They ask for more investments. Companies, employment and opportunities need to be created, empowering people to solve issues on their own.

This is what BlueFuture Project stands for. With locals, for locals.

Our sustainable solution

The Waterstations

We equip community members with an innovative water filtration system, the Nanofilter and a sales station. With this filter they are able to clean water form a local, polluted source and sell it to a price that everyone in that community can afford. The pure water is up to 8 times cheaper than all other alternatives in Tanzania.

This strategy builds the opportunities, jobs and companies needed in order to sustainably fight the water crisis, while it strengthens the local infrastructure.

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