BlueFuture Project

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Small 'Maji' Bracelet

Luxurious, handmade bracelet, created by Maasai women in Tanzania to fight the local watercrisis. Produced in collaboration with Sidai Designs.

By purchasing this bracelet, you create access to clean water to one person!

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32,00  inkl. MwSt.

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Each bracelet represents the access to clean water for one person that you have created.

By making your purchase, you have helped to provide a Maasai women with a living wage by Sidai Designs. You have helped to provide regular social programs for locals. You have helped enable women and girls to go on to help their community. Thank you!

Traditionally, male warriors are adorned with beaded armour, which is gifted to them by the proud women in their lives. This collection preserves the traditional ways in which these pieces are made in the village, using thread salvaged from old grain sacks and boning cut from plastic canisters.

Glass beads, recycled plastic boning, recycled thread, soft leather lace closure with adjustable recycled aluminium bead fastening.

Adjustable. One size fits all.

Your chosen piece is 100% handmade by a Maasai beader in Tanzania, so no two pieces will ever be exactly the same. With different hands crafting each piece, we celebrate the uniqueness of the slight irregularities and differences between them, truly making them one of a kind.

Please do not shower with the bracelet, as water damages the leather closure.